12 March 2008

The Cure in Barcelona, amazing

This last Monday, I had the privilege of having been at The Cure´s concert in Barcelona. Absolutely amazing, incredibly long (it lasted from 9.30pm until 1.00am). His voice didn´t go dead in the dark at any minute. He sang very old songs (Primary, One Hundred Years, some songs from the Seventeen Seconds' album) that I wasn´t expecting, as well as the classics like Lullaby, Pictures of You, Boys Don´t Cry, Friday I´m In Love....etc.
I was planning to go down to London to see him, the tickets were in the beginning around 30pounds, (around the same price that I ended up paying for the Barcelona gig) but a couple of weeks later they sold out and some fuckers were re-selling them for over 200pounds. Cheeky bastards...

No Goths (I was stunned), well, apart from a couple of groups of no more than 10people in total. The Arena was absolutely full of people -young and middle-aged-, the sound was amazing but it was a shame that there wasn´t any screens (I was very curious to see if Robert´s make-up was still on place). For all that people who are still thinking of giving money to those fuckers for the London gig, I would just say that it would definetely be WORTH IT but it´s up to you if you want to pay those astronomical prices. Robert Smith is getting old, but his energy is amazing.
I will never forget that night and the next time he will do a concert I will make sure to be there...and buy my tickets on time.

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