07 March 2008

The Black Widow collection, first sketch

I can´t remember if I said something about the collection I´m working on at the minute. I´ve started doing brooches with fimo (yes! the fimo spiders!) and now I´ve gone to the clothes. The progress is slower than expected because I rather make a sample twice or even three times until I get the perfect fit and explore all the textures and ideas that the fabrics give me, than doing it "easy" and quick way.
I don´t know if whoever reads this blog has an idea of how is the process of a fashion collection, but I will explain it anyway....There it goes:
The first picture is the sketch, a simple flat ilustration with the fabric samples and the techniques that would be used on them for that design. I usually draw a very simple sketch and as long as I investigate and work on the finishings and the patterns I updait the sheet by adding more and more specific details about its construction.
When the patterns are finished I cut them and place them on the fabric in order to cut off the pieces of fabric.
And now is when the most interesting part starts: the final construction of the sample. Every time I join a couple of pieces together I place them on the mannequin to see how it looks like. I think it gives a brief idea of how it would look like on a body. Once the garment would be completely finished I will post the picture on the blog. ;)

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