01 May 2008

Gothic make-up tips for everyday....

"How to go as dark as you dare"
This is the title of a make-up tips list published on the ManchesterEveningNews website.
It´s not written by someone who is into Goth (you can tell by comments like: "Don't get spooked into thinking goth equals grunge. Today's trend is uber-glossy, high fashion, and ultra polished".)
Because, the article, in my opinion, portraits Goths as black tacky clowns by associating their looks with Grunge?...Grunge!
Goth is about a sophisticated drama, it IS very theatrical (that´s what the story is about) but you can tame it down without making it look boring.
I´ve picked up two illustrative examples, very different between each other. However, I think they represent the two ways that Goth make-up could be taken to: plain black OR dramatic phantasmagorical colours played with smokes and shades.

Interested in more? Let´s read the tips, then:
"Don't be tempted to emulate the ghostly pale skin effect seen on the catwalk; you'll end up looking like too much like Morticia Adams," Jemma warns."Opt instead for a sheer, luminous and `brightened' skin effect. First, prep and moisturise the skin, followed by a fabulous skin illuminator which `haloes' your face with light, without whitening it."

I agree with that, I keep seeing Goths who seem to have thrown flour to their faces despite being naturally paled....
Not offence but it looks stupid, I´m sorry....

"The extreme catwalk gothic gloss look involves both soft dark, strong eyes and lip colour - but in real life, especially during the day, dramatising both can look disastrously over the top," says Jemma."The key is to `veil' the entire eye from the lid right up to the brow with a wash of subtle colour. Try feminine shades of plum or mauve. Go as dark as you dare."

I COMPLETELY agree with that because I´ve tried it during daylight. The only person who can get away with that look is Robert Smith, I´m afraid. We will have to keep it for the night....

"For statement lips be daring with a lip liner in plum," Jemma advises. "Finish by slicking on a glossy, dark and sumptuous berry shade. Contrast with a `wash' of neutral eye colour."

I MUST add, if you are not tempted by the "wash of neutral eye colour", you can try with smokey eyes in a soft shade of black of grey. It would still look dramatic but not too over-loaded.

"If super-dramatic smokey eyes are on your beauty agenda, try Jemma Kidd Define: Stay-Put Eyeliner (£9), Darphin Eye Pencil in Black (£12), or Avon In A Blink 2-in-1 pencil at £6 (avonshop.co.uk), with eyeliner at one end and powder eyeshadow at the other.Hit the dark goth-style shadows with Tigi Cyberoptics Eyeshadow in Black or Amethyst, £8.95 (tigihaircare.com), The Body Shop Smudger in Burnished Metal (£9), or Bare Escentuals Mystical Eye Quickies at £22 (qvcuk.com). Apply lashings of thick, black mascara using Givenchy Captiv'Eyes Intense Volume Mascara for £17.Alternatively, let your lips do all the talking with B Borscht Lip Cream in deep purple, £8.50 (lush.co.uk), or Jemma Kidd Hi Shine Lip gloss in Currant for £9.50.If you want to go goth from tip-to-toe, paint on some black nail polish to complete your coffin couture look. Try GOSH nail polish in Nero, £5.99, or Barry M Black Nail Paint, £2.95, both at Superdrug".

Hope you liked the article, here´s the link:


JEANIE said...

Hello there

I've just seen your comment on the Goth Cruise blog so am belatedly getting back to you.

The documentary is all finished now and will be hitting film festivals over the next year. The easiest way to get updates on screenings is to join the Facebook group. http://www.facebook.com/pages/Goth-Cruise/40257085462?ref=mf

Why don't you drop me a line by email to gothcruise "at" jeaniefinlay "dot" com as it would be good to send you the trailer or see if there's a screening near you.

all the best
Jeanie (director - Goth Cruise)

indian fashionista said...

thank you..:) your post was VERY helpful, and helped wipe out a lot of myths.

loved you blog :)


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