26 May 2008

The picture that inspire The Black Wardrobe

As soon as I saw this picture for the very first time, I fell deeply in love with it. Why?

Well....you know that decadent image of Paris that comes to your mind, before going there and then even deeper once you are in there...A nostalgic dark beauty from a past that hasn´t lasted but it´s still here in the present, fallen into pieces, enchanting our minds with its dramatic and poisoning beauty, hold tight onto the door and window frames, inside the caf├ęs, in the museums, in the illustrations that local artists sell by the Seine.

I deeply fell in love with Paris, it was even better than in the films. While I was walking around the latin quarter I was thinking of the excesses of the bohemian life. The drama of living a caotic yet profilic life of free thoughts, free experimentation, free art!.....

The smile of the model screams joy but there´s something dark on it. Somehow, you can feel the tragedy of living a life without limits: boozing, an unfortunate love (one of many, perhaps), a dry bank balance.....But who woudn´t wish to have had that life? Somehow, it still sounds attractive and death is the final chapter of everyone´s life. "Live like a prince, die like a cockroach"...sneaking through the dark streets, sleeping in lugubrious shoe-boxes -somehow called "flats"- (I wonder how many Londoners or anyone else who lives in a big city indentifies him/her-self with the last sentence). Things haven´t changed too much in 200 years. Some things have become better but the daily traumas are still there... Hope you like my blog´s design, by the way...

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