22 May 2008

New Brooches

I´ve been doing more experiments with fimo (do you remember my spiders?) Here´s the result. My favourite one is the cat. The base is a mix of black fimo and white pearl but this white pearl turned into pastel pink after "cooking" it in the oven....Despite that, I still like it. The cat has a moustache made with cotton threads. I might add a velvet piece to this brooch, or even a black fimo frame. Don´t know yet.

The second brooch is a black armchair. I think this style of furniture is called "Chesterfield". The buttons are made of fake swarowsky crystals (which are plastic) that melted inside the oven. I like the effect once they´re melted, they look like P.V.C. buttons.

The third brooch is a pirate!!! is a skull made of that same pearlized white fimo (you can see in this one, the pink shade, very clearly) that is on the black piece.

Hope you like them!

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