25 September 2008

Are you up for the Rock-Tomboy look or the diva look? PART 1

Everybody agrees that the mainstream has decided to appropiate the goth look for itself, this winter. However, I´ve realized that the idea has been taking two different aesthetic paths, in the last weeks :

the Rock chic tomboy look (baggy tops, skinny long graceful legs) or the sleek super-femenine diva look (hour glass shape, elegant and groomed look, lots of lace. Very closed to the Cinema noir feel).

The first look is been seen on the Givenchy collection. As you can see on the pics, it has a very 80´s feel. It reminds me more of the New Romantic look than the Gothic: soft layers, ruffles, bows, black and cream pallette. There are some elements that I like and I dislike in this look.

I like it because it brings back one of the few beautiful things of the Eighties and adds some kind of interest and mix of textures to the outfit instead of keeping it just black. I like the detail of necklaces made of chains (something very "old", I know, but I hadn´t seen it for a long while) and I like the combo black-cream as an alternative option to the classical and sometimes, predictable, black and white.

What I don´t like of this look? You might have already guessed it. It´s not suitable for anyone who is under 180cms tall -6 foot high, for those british/american readers ;)- AND doesn´t have the legs for it. Otherwise, it would make you look like a shiny elephant. Or a cheap prostitute, from the Eighties....
Also, after coming to this initial and basic problem the next dilemma is:

How to wear it? Well, if you add to the "equation": leggings + shiny fabric. The solution is unpredictable.

I think that the trick is to wear it with something plain that doesn´t try to out-shine the already-shiny leggings. That means:
option A.
plain non-shiny top or shirt which can be monochrome or printed. It can be fitted (if you have the body for it) or baggy, which will cover your waist and bum (this silouette is ideal if you have the perfect legs but not so-perfect torax, yes, I mean the belly. The trick works, believe me.)

However, I have to say that this look is not suitable for people whose shoulders are wider than their hips because this look will accentuate them even more.

Option B. the risky one but the most gorgeous one! I would love to wear this shinny leggins with a gorgeous black lace top. It´s edgy, feminine and gothic! Obviously, it´s not suitable for everyone, again....
Here´s an example.

Gorgeous lace top, 65 pounds. Handmade by me, The Black Wardrobe. You can find it at the Rose And Anchor boutique, in Liverpool. (00 44) 0151 707 3590

Shinny skinny pants, 65 pounds from Topshop. (You can find more different ones and with prices which can be cheaper or more expensive, in other mainstream retailers)

Ankle lace boots. (These gorgeous pair is not from this season, sorry. Although, they´re very trendy at the minute and you can still find them in some shops).

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