09 September 2008

Who said Black is boring?

Somehow, I came across a very interesting article on a fashion blog (galadarling.com) called "Fashion Help for Recovering Goths". Very interesting article, useful and it brilliantly summarized colour theory for all those who don´t know what colour would suit them. My blog is about black and dark, obviously, it´s mainly aimed at Goths and other people who share the same "dark" and gothic passions. However, that doesn´t mean that black should always be strictly on its own. It can go with any other colour or combinations -hence the advantage of working with the "no-colour" ;)

The thing is, the main reasons and features the blogger points about black are a bit arguable, (opinions from readers are welcome, by the way):

"it's very easy to wear", "Black goes with black".
It might look easy to wear because the lack of colour makes it suitable for any kind of colour combination. However, black has also shades (a chiffon blouse will not have the same shade/light as a a cotton or jersey one). I´m sure only people like us -who wear always black- are aware of this detail but if you don´t wear 100% black, please try to dress head to toe, and you will see what I mean. Also, black is a colour that fades away after washing so this contrast it becomes more obvious through the time.
"It hides stains".
Saying that is like admitting vampires exist (which is another urban legend some people still seem to believe in). Black doesn´t hide stains. It DOESN´T. I know this as a "black-wearer" and as fashion designer. Not only shows stains it also shows sewing mistakes (eg, seams that are not straight).

"It can make you look very plain in a way that hot pink, royal blue or turquoise never will".
Unless you are wearing a one-fabric outfit, Black doesn´t make you look more plain that any other mono-colour look. As I´ve just said, the different fabrics and cuts! make each garment shine in a different way, proving how rich and attractive this colour still is. I do agree that wearing a bright colour (on its own or combined with another one) will make you out-stand from the crowd because of its brightness, whereas black it shades you away in a subtle way and this takes me to the next topic...

"People wear black because they are comfortable in it. If you feel at odds with the way you look or lack confidence, black can be the great concealer, a fabulous security blanket", "it makes you look slimmer".
Black, like anything, is a "double weapon". As I´ve just said, black will not make you out-stand from the crowd because of its light but it can still make you out-stand from the crowd. If that isn´t true, how come you can still see a Goth who is on the other side of the busy road? The beauty of Black is its mystery, its game of revealing and hiding at the same time. Human eyes are very easy to mislead with optical tricks. Black doesn´t make you dissappear and it doesn´t make you look slimmer. What it does is to define your silouette; by having a black dark stain in front of your eyes, you look for the edges, the curves...the silouette! That´s why people believe it makes them look slimmer. Have you ever seen a big person wearing 100% black. Does she/he looked slimmer? No. The best way to look slimmer is by playing with shades (one colour or several within the outfit), cuts and fabrics. Wearing a hole black "blanket" will make you look like a tent. Also, I have to say (although this is just a very personal opinion of mine), it takes a very strong independent mind to wear head to toe black. Usually, individuals who wear head-to-toe black are people who want to make an statement of independence and personality. Unfortunately, the society still have problems to "swallow" that...and I´m not just referring to Goths...:)
If you´re interested in how to combine your black wardrobe with other colours and shades but don´t have a clue which would suit you. Have a look at the original blog.

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Nemesis said...

I'm definitely Goth and have no plans of ever recovering (the gods forbid!) but it definitely pointed me to the right direction since I'm still trying to find my own style. My thanks for your help.


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