05 September 2008

Make-up and hairstyle tips....how not to go to the office, despite this weather

This weather is crap. Although I try my best to look gorgeous and groomed, this bloody wind and rain that has swept the hole of England, it took my groomed hair with it.
I came out of my house today in the morning........a couple of hours later, I looked like I had been attacked by the dogs from the council estate from down the road.
I know some people love wearing the old 80's hairdo (massive hair-combing, Robert-Smith-like), which is perfect for dull, straight hair. But my hair is curly, the minimal shake can make it look like I just came out of a fight.
So, is this weather forcing us, somehow, to re-adopt 80s hairstyle? Maybe. Goodbye to gorgeous black smokey eyes? Never! but we might not be allowed to get into the bus or the office.
You decide. We all are in the ennui mood (a.k.a "fucked"). So, try your best to keep everything on place with wax (or glue, if necessary) or do your catwoman impression at the office. They might promote you....If the boss is a "he"....who likes kinky stuff.


Musa del Diablo said...

Keeping your curly hair in order is difficult sometimes! I know because I also have curly hair :), long as well. What about haircut tips, speacially about curly hair? I am so bored of seeing all gothic girls with the same haircut (very short, Betty-Page-like, very long without shape and always black or red).
By the way, I LOVE your blog, so interesting and useful, plenty of great tips. Big kisses from Spain, and go on please!

TheBlackWardrobe said...

Muchisimas gracias por tu comment, Musa del Diablo. I'm glad you like the blog. Suggestions and ideas are super welcome.


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