29 September 2008

Are you up for the Rock-Tomboy look or the diva look? PART 2

As I said in the part 1 of these mini-post/series, the Gothic trend has been segmented into two looks: Rock-Tomboy look and Diva Look.
I´m going to explain what the Diva look is about, this season.

Unlike the Rock look, the Diva look is about sofistication, feminity and glamour. There´s no better fabric that represents all those atributes than Lace. Yes! Lace, lace, lace! It´s usually worn as an evening fabric but all those Goths or Goth-lovers out there know that it can be a gorgeous fabric for day-life as well! (Click on the "gothic fashion tips" tag, for inspiration and ideas).

The Gothic/Diva look is about going back to couture, well dressed and groomed look. There´s no space for any kind of androginity in here!

Well tailored looks that accentuate the feminine figure, very feminine and sensual fabrics (lace, silk, chiffon) mixed with wintery and structured fabrics such as tweed, tartan or wool mix. I personally LOVE! this look. It suits every single body shape, if you have the curves, they will be accentuated. If you don´t, they will be created by the mix of textures, fabrics and the volume of the siluettes.
One tip, if you really want to add an extra bit of drama to your look, wear lace tights.
They look amazing and I´ve seen very cheap ones, this season.

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