05 July 2008

gothic fashion tips: how to tame down a gorgeous black lace dress

I´m sure there´s no Goth or Goth-enthusiastic out there without a black lace dress inside their wardrobes. Waiting for "the chance" to be worn for......

Lace, as any other opulent fabric, is quite tricky to wear during day-light (specially if you are paled-skin and dark-raven hair....that easily screams out "goth") but I´ve found these pics that prove my point that everything can be tamed down and consequently, been adapted for any corporate Goth.

The key is, again, keep it simple. The fabric is already opulent and rich so it doesn´t need any help to claim any more attention than what it already does. That means: plain accesories (nothing outrageous, matt textures...) and not too edgy make up. Either dark lips and nude eyes (look at the Peaches Geldof pic, I wonder when this woman became been interested in the dark look) or (my favourite) soft smokey black eyes and nude lips. Take this Pearl Lowe´s pic as an example, she has combined a soft grey smokey eyes with soft pink lips. She has managed to smooth her look down with a doll-face make-up that doesn´t add anymore to her already "vamp-ish" outfit.

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