16 July 2008

I suddenly became a Goth.....part 3

Here´s the most surprising transformation so far: Peaches Geldof. Someone not related to Goth in any aspect whatsoever, so this might be the second and the last of her appeareances on this blog ever.

I would bet my arm that you must be wondering, what the hell dragged this woman to Goth or anything vaguely related to Dark fashion?!. Well, this little girl is going out with one of The Horrors. (Here´s a second example of "I-do-whatever-my-fella-is-doing").

Like Manson´s case, The Horrors have a classy and elegant gothic look, HOWEVER, their music -like Mr. Manson- IS NOT GOTHIC. People usually assume that your look will go along your work. It is not always the case.

As you can see in the pics, ms. Geldof has adopted a soft and dolly-type look which I really like as I´m tired of the Lolita look, sorry.

She´s kept her make-up down, with soft grey and pastel pinks (dark heavy make-up wouldn´t have suited her). But the most interesting bit of all -and that´s why she´s been featured on this blog- is because she hasn´t limited her wardrobe to just 100% black. She´s combined it with cream/beige (remember my tip?, pastel colours really accentuate your pallor in a sweet way), grey and my favourite, burgundy.

On top of that, she´s decided to dye her hair black or chestnut, which is a cliché but I still love it. Why? Because the cliché it would have been to straight down her hair raven-black-hair like some teenagers still do. Instead, she´s reshaped her dramatic now obscure hair with waves, which I think is sophisticated, glamourous and tones down the total look.

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