18 July 2008

Staples....Glamourous fetiche

I really like Viktor&Rolf, their collections are always classy, hiperfemenine but without getting to the borders of slut-ty edge (like Cavalli or Versace, as an example). It´s very difficult to create something that is wearable, femenine but at the same time, dramatic and theatrical and that´s something Goth fashion has yet to explore.

The last collection of these two dutch genius is called "No". Their key piece is the grey coat with a huge "No" formed on to the fabric, obviously, I´ve decided not to post it on this blog because that coat's pic is everywhere!

What really grabbed my attention, was a subtle "fetiche" detail that is adorning all seams: staples.
Something cheap, not beautiful, vulgar. Something you see in Home Bargains for about a £1 and in your office, every single day, in front of you....until you need them.
It seems an obvious alternative thing, however, I don't remember seeing it before. Except, in Batman....

As soon as I saw that corset with staples on it (second pic) it reminded me of Catwoman: hyper-feminine silouette, red wine lips, pallor, black smokey feline eyes and lots of character. Ironically, the collection is called "no" because the designers found it a sexy word/attitude. They worship a female figure that is strong, agressive but femenine and individual....like Catwoman! (I assume you got it but just to make sure, I mean Michelle Pfeiffer´s catwoman, not the other crappy one. What the hell where they thinking?)

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