14 July 2008

I suddenly became a Goth.....part 2

Here´s the second part of this mini-series. This second part is dedicated to one of my favourite gothic transformations: Eva Green.

Don´t get confused by the name, this actress is french and that is a detail that it shouldn´t be ignored. I don´t know if it is just me or is something that french women have inherited from their decadent historical french baggage...

French actresses have that "je ne sais quoi" very particular style, with the overall vintage feel.

They somehow manage to combine a very elegant style in a unconventional way.

They always play with those dichotomies: sexy-lolita (Brigitte Bardot), elegant-bitch (Émmanuelle Béart), romantic/bohemian-goth (Vanessa Paradise, Eva Green)....
My favourite one, Eva Green, is playing the romantic-goth look but is more vampish than the soft bohemian look of ms. Paradise.

I noticed the existence of this woman when I watched the Bond film. He was hot, but she was intriguing and sounded foreigner.....I did some research and aha! I found out she was french.

What I do love of her is that she always finishes her VERY dramatic looks with a romantic-soft hair-do (usually wavy and sleek).

She´s got a very sweet face, like most french women, so over-wearing makeup it wouldn´t go with her. She´s been very intelligent by playing with two main make-up looks that go very well with her fair and dolly face: soft grey smokey eyes and pastel colours or black eyeliner and red lips.

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