24 July 2008

Shantung black dress

This is my latest commissioned piece of work. A friend of mine asked me to make her a dress for a wedding. She gave a beautiful piece of black shantung with orange and coppery lines on it. So I decided to play with them. It's a plain "A" line maxi-dress, sleeveless with a lovely front piece on the chest, it also has a pleat in front of the chest, which I think is lovely and adds character to the top and it contributes to elongate it optically.
On the hole, I really like the overall folk look of this dress. It's very simple but it still looks sumptuous due to the brilliant combination of golds and black. I have to say that it's a very thin shantung, I don't like to work with it: it doesn´t drape, too heavy, it wrinkles amazingly easy! (although it´s very easy to iron) and makes anyone look middle-aged but in a bad way.

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